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We have only heard good things about Fairwinds Management, and we are excited that we are able to work together. The professionality and insights they provide you can surely boost your business!


We are very grateful to be a partner of Fairwinds Management Limited. All the contact and support has been outstanding and we gladly recommend anyone to become their partner too – whether they’re new in the game or experienced affiliates. We are looking forward to this business relationship.


We at Casinos Approved started working with Fairwinds Management Limited and ended up partnering up with them. Thumbs up for Fairwinds Management – You guys are awesome!

Casinos Approved

Whether you are a start-up or an experienced company, assistance from Fairwinds Management Limited will surely boost your business!

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Fairwinds Management Limited was introduced to us by a business partner and we are very grateful for this, as they have already provided us with a lot of insights and business value. We highly recommend them


Considering its great reputation, expertise, and skills, Fairwinds Management Limited is a trustworthy company that we recommend collaborating with. If you want your business to grow, don’t miss the opportunity of building a partnership with Fairwinds Management Limited.


For The Gambler Bay, partnering with Fairwinds Management Limited was a very important step. We have long been striving for this and believe that this is a mutually beneficial investment of forces. Fairwinds is the embodiment of functions that are absolutely necessary for any partner that looks for incorporation specialists.

The Gambler Bay

We love working with Fairwinds Management Limited. They are definitely recommended from our end as we are happy with this great collaboration.


We are happy to have established a valued and productive relationship with Fairwinds Management Limited. Our needs as a company are met with great expertise and professionalism and therefore we highly recommend working this Corporate Services Provider.

Bonus Meister

It´s a pleasure working with Fairwinds Management Limited. We truly vouch for this Corporate Service Provider. We couldn’t be more happy with the services they provide!


Fairwinds Management Limited has the strongest recommendation from us at OnlineCasinoZed. We are very pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and positive attitude.


Fairwinds Management Limited has a professional team that knows how to make companies like ours grow and move forward. We are extremely grateful to have Fairwinds Management Limited close at hand.

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We’ve known Fairwinds Management Limited for a long time and we can truly recommend their services to anyone — not only for companies in online casino business like ours, which is based in Finland. Our team values trust and reliability, and this is what we get from Fairwinds’ team.


Our team at BetBrain appreciates Fairwinds Management Limited and how they handle their daily business. We have nothing else but good things to say about them and the services they provide. In fact, we gladly recommend to anyone.


SlotsCalendar has been working with Fairwinds Management Limited for a while now and during this time they have never disappointed us. They always react professionally and resolve any issues that might appear promptly. We couldn’t be more satisfied with them.


We are very grateful to have found Fairwinds Management Limited, a professional team that is helping us to become even better. We can strongly recommend the services provided by Fairwinds Management Limited. For us in the online casino business, it’s important that one understands what kind of business we are in as we help players find a good casino bonus for their specific needs.


We at OnlineCasinoMonkeys can recommend working with Fairwinds Management, they have a great team and are always ready to help. Two thumbs up!


We’ve experienced a great partnership with Fairwinds Management, after starting our collaboration with them. A highly skilled team who offers great service!

Casino Selfie

We started recently working with Fairwinds Management Limited but we have already great signs of professionalism. The support coming from this team is great and everything is sorted out in few minutes! We recommend them to everyone!

Casino Alchemist

Fairwinds Management Limited is a great partner that provides support from very professional managers. Great team that is willing to help you with almost anything needed. This is a reputable company that truly cares for all its clients.

Any Gamble

Fairwinds Management are truly professional and expert company with a genuine care for your online gambling business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

About Slots

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for some time now and I can honestly say what a great team. Truly professional and knowledgeable company with a genuine care for your business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

The Rockies Casino

We have been working with Fairwinds Management ever since many years, and we are really happy with the partnership. They have a professional team, which has a speedy service, alongside great reputation, these are the reasons we love collaborating with them.


Fairwinds Management is a trusted partner and someone to turn to in a wide range of issues. Professionalism, wide range of insight in matters relating to new business and growth is something you will receive with these guys!


The cooperation between CasinoBernie and Fairwinds Management Limited has been a fruitful experience for us. The quality of players have been great while our expense has fallen, giving us time to focus on expanding our business.


We are thankful for all the help that Fairwinds Management Limited has provided to Kasinohai. Their professionalism, business insight and service aren’t matched anywhere in the industry.  We wholeheartedly recommend their services!


The level of expertise from Fairwinds Management is incredible. They have helped us clear many obstacles, that would be extremely time consuming to handle in-house. Because of working with them, we’ve been able to grow tremendously.


We’ve had an excellent partnership with Fairwinds Management, and we recommend that businesses reach out to them.


Fairwinds Management Limited is a fantastic company that has helped us tremendously throughout the past years. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

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We at Zamsino, love working with great people like the ones we collaborate with at Fairwinds Management!


We enjoy working with Fairwinds Management Limited as the company has a dedicated and professional team. They offer great deals and are always reachable. The team at Fairwinds Management Limited is trustworthy, and we certainly recommend them!


We at OnlineCasinoMonkeys can recommend working with Fairwinds Management, they have a great team and are always ready to help. Two thumbs up!


We obviously recommend Fairwinds Management. Working with them is a pleasure as their team is very helpful, reliable, has extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects, and is very responsive. If you are looking to make a successful name out of your brand, they are the obvious option as their professionalism and skill set will help you achieve your goals.


We at Bojoko gladly give a shout-out to Fairwinds Management. Their prompt and professional communication is something to aspire!


If you are looking to incorporate a business in Malta and you’re currently looking for experts in this area or associated business planning, then look no further than Fairwinds Management. We highly recommend this company.

Mustard Digital

It’s great having the ability to call on the services offered by Fairwinds Management Limited. Our business operates in the betting deals and online casino deals industry. Having the expertise of Fairwinds Management to navigate this complex space is invaluable.

Gambling Deals

We simply love Fairwinds Management Limited. The company has a dedicated and professional team, they offer great deals, and what’s more important is that they are trustworthy. We highly recommend their services!

Super Casino Sites

We have started to work with Fairwinds Management Limited recently and the team’s high professionalism and constant support left a good impression on us. This cooperation is a pleasure and that’s why we undoubtedly recommend it to other affiliates on the market.

Casino HEX (New Zealand)

Fairwinds Management has proven to be a partner of choice for accounting needs. Over the past few years, we’ve relied on the Fairwinds team to assist our Accounting department. This relationship has proven to be successful and will surely be longstanding.

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If you need help with corporate or legal services or tax advice, Fairwinds Management has a team of professionals that can assist you. The team really knows and understands what your company needs and can create tailor-made solutions for your business that, from our experience, are top notch.


Fairwinds Management makes it easy to set-up a business abroad. As an affiliate in the casino industry, it’s nice to find a company that can handle the legal, tax and accounting issues for gaming companies in Malta under one roof.

Casino Judge

We can highly recommend Fairwinds Management Limited as an exciting partner! The team is responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and they work very fast! Choosing Fairwinds Management Limited is a choice you will not regret!


All the boring corporate, tax and accounting stuff in professional and trustworthy hands is invaluable. The professional services provided by Fairwinds Management Limited are highly recommended especially but not only for the Malta jurisdiction.


Fairwinds Management Limited is a top-notch partner. Starting from the team and ending with their great service and offers. We can highly recommend Fairwinds Management for any gambling related affiliate.


Fairwinds Management Limited is a reliable and easy company to work with. We have worked with them as affiliates, and have enjoyed our cooperation with them. Everything from organizing content to brainstorming marketing ideas with them has been very organized, making them a complete breeze to work with!

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Fairwinds Management Limited has been providing high-quality legal services for us for quite some time. The staff has a high understanding of the business, great communication and offer reasonable prices. We recommend their services to anyone, especially gambling affiliates.


The team behind RT Sports Media cannot be more grateful to Fairwinds Management. We deeply appreciate the experience that they have to share with us. First of all, they are always available and have an energetic and clear business sense. The team behind Fairwinds Management is a perfect example of how a professional establishment should be run. We’re happy to recommend them to all affiliates out there.

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Working together with Fairwinds Management Limited has been one of our wisest decisions after moving to Malta. Instead of wasting our time on boring things such as accounting and legal, we can focus on the areas of our expertise, such as SEO and Content creation.

We decided to start working together with Fairwinds Management Limited after having read an article about Betzest brand launch. The best thing with this company is the level of commitment of the management team, as well as their professionalism. They managed to successfully launch a new and unique sports betting site within months. At the same time, they have always been great at answering and helping us in various ways, which normally is not something you would expect at the launch stage.

Bonuskod Online

It is not always simple to find a professional partner to set up an iGaming business in Malta, especially when you are not familiar with the island. By partnering up with Fairwinds, we received assistance with both tax and legal issues, and also took care of our accounting. Having a partner that you can fully trust opens up for more time you can spend on the things you are really good at such as making money. Meet the Fairwinds Management Limited team and get all your problems solved!

Katja, Card Games Sites 

We at Nya Spelsajter appreciate all the help we have received from Fairwinds Management Limited team so far. They have supported our business from day one and have always succeeded to live up to our expectations. If you are looking for a great partner in Malta, this is the company to choose!

Nya Spelsajter Team

Working with Fairwinds Management Limited has been a very positive experience. Their knowledge is combined with a very professional and helpful attitude, and we really appreciated the assistance provided by the company’s CEO, Adrian Sciberras. We recommend their services to anyone.

Casino Gorilla

We strongly appreciate the top quality services provided by Fairwinds Management Limited. Directors Adrian and Charlene Sciberras have helped us a lot in our business, and we really appreciate their time and effort.

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Fairwinds Management Limited’s professional team provides us with support and information whenever requested to further grow our business. They are also easy to get in touch with.

Dagliga Free Spins

Fairwinds Management Limited has an awesome team that offers high-quality services. Their team lead by Adrian and Charlene Sciberras has provided us with impeccable communication and service, and we highly recommend their services.

100 kr gratis casino

After some recommendations, we got in touch with Charlene Sciberras from Fairwinds Management Limited and we confirm that communication with the team is very professional, yet friendly and very easy to get in touch with them.They always give us the best advice to improve our business.

Casino Bonuskoder

Fairwinds Management Limited has been our go-to partner for all our corporate and legal service needs from the very beginning of our company setup. Fair pricing, honest communication and high attentiveness is what we expect from them every single time we need their assistance/services.


We at Slotsify have trusted Fairwinds Management Limited to support us from the beginning of our business and through massive growth. They have been able to meet our needs and are quick to adapt without compromising the level of the services they offer.


Fairwinds Management Limited is a reliable company to work with. We have worked with them to affiliate, and we are very satisfied with the cooperation provided by their team. They are very helpful and professional. We can never thank Adrian Sciberras enough for sharing his valuable time with us. 

Conor Jenner | New Casinos

Fairwinds Management Limited is a great company to work with. Help was always around the corner whenever we needed it and the services they provide are top notch quality. We highly recommend them.

Antti | Sauna Casinot

If you’re looking to get started in Malta, Fairwinds Management can help you succeed. We would like to thank Directors Charlene Sciberras and Adrian Sciberras who work hard to make sure that clients are given the best possible service.

There are many benefits working with the experts at Fairwinds Management such as economic and tax advantages offered by a few jurisdictions. With Fairwinds Management I can feel always secure that they protect my business, while keeping confidentiality and privacy. They always give their very best personal advice for tax efficient corporate structures at any time.

A full case study can be found here.

Marius Filip, CEO/Co-Founder, Betzest

I’m incredibly satisfied with having Fairwinds Management as our incorporation specialist platform. From the first days of Betzest™ we were proud to be associated with them as they excel as partners. Their greatest strength is that they have a responsive and positive team that are available whenever you need them with whatever aspect of the partnership you need assistance with. They always go above and beyond in their quest to help you get the most for your company.

If you want to create a company in Malta look no further than Fairwinds Management. They are your one stop shop for all your related needs as corporate services. They are the business partner that understands that success is best made together.

We want to thank their awesome team, which gave us the support we needed; they are very fast and efficient. We are very happy that we have found such a great partner.

We can highly recommend Fairwinds Management to any clients who are looking  for the best corporate services in Malta.

Marius Filip, CEO/Co-Founder, Betzest™

I could not be happier working together with our amazing friends at Fairwinds Management. Credibility and proficiency get a new meaning with these guys. The friendliest, most responsive and proactive corporate services out there by a land slide! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to create a company in Malta.

Football Bet Expert

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for quite some time now and it is great to have them as partners in dealing with a wide range of corporate services. Their quick turnaround and professionalism, flexibility in dealing with different industries, really takes off the edge on some parts of the business so you can better focus on things that require your attention. We hope to build up on this partnership furthermore and continue to write a successful story.
NovaCorp Net Ltd

Fairwinds Management is a reputable company that truly cares for all their clients. I see a team that is united, communicative, knowledgeable and professional in whatever they offer, be it corporate services or bookkeeping services. I positively recommend Fairwinds Management to anyone who is looking for a reliable service. Furthermore it always a pleasure to see them exhibiting a SiGMA year after year.

Eman Pulis, Managing Director, SiGMA

With so many different aspects of our business, we were always concerned about finding a complete accounting solution that we could trust and fully rely on. Happily, we have found this solution with Fairwinds Management. From the very beginning, we have received nothing but honest, professional, and outstanding service – with the company regularly going beyond the call of duty. Nothing is too much trouble and since we started using them for all our accounting needs, we have never been happier.

We cannot recommend Fairwinds Management enough. If you do not want to worry about all the big and small details, knowing that things are being taken care of, this is the company for you. Their rates are excellent, their service unrivalled and their knowledge unbeatable. On top of all of this, the team at Fairwinds Management is extremely friendly and nice, which is why our relationship with them has been so successful, for so many years. We look forward to continuing growing our business together with Fairwinds Management and to many more years of quality service.

Dennis Hansen, Director, Matching Visions

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for the past 6 years. We have tried out a lot of advisors in Malta but no one has been able to offer the service and reliability that Fairwinds Management has. I wholeheartedly recommend using Fairwinds Management for company incorporations, bank account management, smaller and larger accounting tasks as well as for monthly administrative tasks such as payrolls, VAT/Tax administration etc.

Mikael Strunge, Partner & Gaming Director, Power Media Group

We reached out to Fairwinds Management Limited for corporate services, specifically company incorporation and the opening of bank accounts. The team showed professionalism and efficiency in delivering their services with clear and timely replies to all our queries and for this reason we would highly recommend Fairwinds Management Limited for their services. We got to know about the company through a friend of ours and their professional advice immediately saved the company time and money by offering comprehensive services.

Zhanara Kolobayeva, Chief Financial Officer, Mi-C3 International Limited

Before entrusting Fairwinds Management, we worked with an individual accountant; however, as the company’s needs outgrew what the individual provider was able to handle for us, we had to look for other options. I was impressed with the professional approach, the speed of service and also the genuine interest that was taken in my business, together with the delivery of interesting business and funding opportunities that I could make use as a small business.

Fairwinds Management was referred to me by another one of their customers who has been using their services for a long time and is extremely happy with the services they provide. Needless to say, I have experienced the same treatment; I have full visibility and clarity of my financial situation, delivering a service which is always on time and highly professional. I would absolutely recommend Fairwinds Management as their service is highly professional, reliable and dependable.

Jesmond Darmanin, Business Owner, Storm Design