The Maltese archipelago, a European Union member state, is located in central Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and the North African coast and has a population of approximately 450,000.

It can be easily reached from popular destinations and is an attractive hub for businesses who would like to relocate to another country and benefit from an advantageous tax system, making Malta an EU financial centre. The Maltese tax system is approved by international institutions and offers the lowest tax rate in Europe whereby companies are taxed at 35% but those that have foreign shareholders are eligible for a 30% tax refund, resulting in an effective tax rate of 5%.

Malta also prides itself on having a wide network of double taxation agreements with over 70 other countries, making it an excellent jurisdiction for international tax structuring. Other factors why Malta is also a popular hub include that it uses the Euro as a currency while also having English as one of its official languages together with Maltese, its native language.

During the past years, Malta became infamous in different sectors namely ICT and Yachting, and more recently, in the iGaming sector and Blockchain, being referred to as the Blockchain Island.

Some quick facts about Malta are:

  • Great weather all year round
  • EU Member state with political stability
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • Variety of social activities for all ages
  • Abundance of history and heritage
  • Beautiful sea with many lovely beaches
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Convenient time zone with strategic geographical location
  • Excellent schooling and medical services
  • Connected with daily flights to major airports
  • Excellent business etiquette
  • Highly qualified and skilled workforce
  • Property investments with excellent ROI
  • A very strong legal system

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