A document that is essential for entrepreneurs who want to succeed, is surely a passport that guarantees free and easy movement from one country to another to facilitate international business.

One such document is the Maltese passport that can be achieved through the Individual Investment Programme (IIP). Owning a second citizenship by having a Maltese passport means that you’ll be in possession of the 9th most powerful passports in the world in 2019. This is shown in a recent passport index for this year published by Henley & Partners which ranks passports in the world according to their total visa-free access.

For instance, holders of Maltese passports can visit 182 destinations that offer a visa-free access. Having a passport of a country that ranks amongst the top 10 passports in the world guarantees that business can be done internationally without the need of applying for visas and waiting for their approvals; making your travel arrangements easier and faster.

This prestigious document is granted to those high net-worth individuals and their families who contribute to the economic and social development of Malta, after a stringent vetting and due diligence process. Once this is granted, individuals can relocate to a stable, neutral and highly respected EU country that offers a good quality of life and personal security. Moreover, individuals will be given the right to work in all 28 EU countries.

Below are the required minimum fees to qualify for a Malta citizenship under the IIP:


Contribution per personFee
Main applicant€650,000
Spouse or minor children (0-17 years)€25,000
Dependent children (18 -26 years) or dependent parents (55 years +)€50,000
Due diligence fees per person
Main applicant€7,500
Spouse/Adult Children (18 -26 years)/Parents (55 years +)€5,000
Minor children (13 – 17 years)€3,000
Passport fees per person€500
Bank charges per application€200

If you would like to have a Maltese citizenship as your alternative citizenship, you can get in touch with Ms. Charlene Sciberras on csciberras@fairwindsmanagement.net