Before entering the business world, research is carried out to foresee how the business will do by analysing both the potential pros and cons. Apart from analysing the amount of paperwork, human resources needed and other aspects, businessmen also ask themselves whether it would be ideal to start a business from scratch or opt for buying a shelf company; a ready-made company that is already registered with the authorities in a specific jurisdiction.


This means that the company registration number is immediately available, and this is seen as an advantage to many as this is considered to be a time saver as the new company can start trading straight away.


With this type of company, the buyer needs to just allow some time to transfer the shareholding of the company into the new owner and appoint the new officers accordingly. Normally, this takes less time than incorporating a brand new formation.

shelf company

Fairwinds Management Limited offer such solutions to businesses that would like to take advantage of shelf companies in order to show that the business has been established much longer than it actually has.

At Fairwinds Management we sell shelf companies that their incorporation date dates back to 2012, making such companies established for 6 years. Prior to buying a shelf company, all relevant documents will be made available to the potential buyer to confirm that everything is in order with the Authorities and that the shelf company in question does not have any debt or liabilities.

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