Citizenship by Investment Programme

An overview of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean, situated close to the islands of Martinique and St Vincent. This island with a total area of 620Km2 is mostly known for its two volcanic caps. This country is a member of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations bearing English as its official language.

Saint Lucia has developed a well-respected legal system based on the British law. This country is also an established member of the UNO and WTO, African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Community, Non-Aligned Movement, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and the Organization of American States Residents.

This country’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Saint Lucia is known for having no capital gains or inheritance taxes and thus one shall not be taxed on any worldwide income if one simply holds a Saint Lucia Citizenship and are not residents.

Why should one opt for a Saint Lucia citizenship?

The Saint Lucia citizenship program has distinctive advantages for business growth and tax relief directed to foreign investors. A few advantages are listed below:

  • Fast moving process – One can easily obtain a Saint Lucia citizenship with its fast-track process within three months.
  • Affordable – The Saint Lucia citizenship is known to be one of the most cost-effective options with reasonable minimum investment requirements and processing and administration fees.
  • Flexible – This second citizenship recognises dual citizenship such that anyone can also retain their current nationality.
  • Secure – Saint Lucia is legal, economically and politically stable country. It also forms part of the Commonwealth holding democratic values.
  • Holds tax advantages – No estate or inheritance tax on worldwide income are applicable.
  • Practical This program provides a Visa free travel to 121 countries including the EU Schengen countries, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. In addition, there are no requirements to travel to Saint Lucia during any stage of the application and there is no need for a physical residency.
  • Profitable – Real estate offers income and capital gains opportunity.
  • Permanent – Saint Lucia citizenship is granted for a lifetime.
  • Convenient – This country provides direct airline access to many regions of the world. In addition, there are no nationality restrictions for a Saint Lucia citizenship.

Who qualifies for a Saint Lucia citizenship?

The Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Program was brought forward in 2015. This program falls under the regulations of the Citizenship by Investment Bill. Saint Lucia has developed the program purposely for the global elite by raising the overall-net-worth requirement.

To be able to attain a Saint Lucia citizenship, all applicants must attain one of the investment perquisites, together with the following criteria:

  • Be of an outstanding character.
  • Hold a clean police conduct.
  • Have excellent health conditions.

Investment requirements for a Saint Lucia citizenship

For anyone wishing to secure a second passport through the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, one must also meet the investment requirements for one of the following investment selections (effective as of 12.05.2020):

1: Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

Single applicant: US$100,000
Couple with no dependants: US$140,000
Couple with up to two qualifying dependants (under 16 years): US$150,000
Applicant applying with spouse and up to two qualifying dependants: US$150,000
For each additional dependant: US$25,000
Each qualifying dependant in addition to a family of four (including spouse): US$25,000

Add-on of qualifying dependants of a citizen:

  • Newborn child of a citizen (12 months old and below): US$500
  • Spouse of a citizen: US$35,000
  • Other than a spouse: US$25,000

2: Approved Real Estate Project

Applicant: US$300,000
Each additional qualifying dependant (of any age): Applicable processing and administrative costs

3: Approved Enterprise Project

The following minimum investment is required:

Option 1: Applicant: US$3,500,000 (plus no less than 3 permanent jobs)
Option 2: (a) More than 1 applicant in a joint investment: US$6,000,000 (plus no less than 6 permanent jobs)
(b) each applicant to contribute a minimum of US$1,000,000

Each additional qualifying dependant (of any age): Applicable processing and administrative costs

4: Investment By Purchase Of Non Interest-Bearing Government Bonds

The following minimum investment is required:

Single applicant: US$500,000
Couple with no dependents: US$535,000
Couple with up to two qualifying dependants: US$550,000
Each additional qualifying dependant: US$25,000

Government bonds need to be held for five years

5: Investment By Purchase Of Non-Interest Bearing COVID-19 Relief Bonds

An administrative fee of US$30,000 is to be paid by the applicant once the application has been granted. This is only applicable until 31.12.2021. The following minimum investment is required:

Single applicant (5 years holding bond): US$250,000
Couple with no dependents (6 years holding bond): US$250,000
Couple with up to four qualifying dependants (7 years holding bond): US$250,000

Couple with up to four qualifying dependants ( years holding bond): US$300,000
Each additional qualifying dependant: US$15,000

In addition to the above fees related to the minimum requirements, other fees such as the Due Diligence fee apply.

Steps and procedures to obtain a Saint Lucia second passport

Step 1

Fairwinds Management Limited shall carefully go through your passport copy for the Government’s pre-approval in the most efficient manner possible.

Step 2

Fairwinds Management Limited will provide all the information needed and notify applicants with regards to what documents are needed to fulfil the given checklist.

Step 3

Once the application is carefully submitted the due diligence fees are paid.

Step 4

The due diligence report is issued to the government for approval. Once the application is accepted the applicant is required to pay the investment requirements.

Step 5

A certificate of neutralisation shall be issued in the applicant’s name, and the passport is issued one week later.

Fairwinds Management Limited shall provide you with a full itemised quotation with no hidden costs pre-application. The only other costs associated with a Saint Lucia second passport are professional fees, official application forms, certificates and residency cards, courier and other disbursements.

Kindly note that information on this page may be updated from time to time.

Last updated: 7.01.2021