Fairwinds Management Limited is able to offer alternative citizenship to those who are looking into obtaining a second passport. Our in-house team, together with our partners based in various countries who are authorised to submit passport application in their respective countries, are available to assist you in the preparation of the application and guide you on all the necessary steps. We guarantee simplified and accelerated processes. Fairwinds Management Limited can also assist with services in residency and re-domiciliation to those who are looking into moving out of their country.

There are several benefits when obtaining a second passport, some of which are:

  • Guaranteed citizenship with proven clear criminal records
  • Obtaining irrevocable citizenship and passport
  • Having immediate access to various countries without visa
  • Save time with a fast and lifetime solution and improve your security
  • Enjoy the overall convenience with a reliable and stable citizenship.

As an entrepreneur and business individual, we are aware that you are in need of frequent travelling without having limits at borders. Whether there is great instability of government and politics in your own country with no possibility of quick resolve forcing or you want to protect the future of your family and generations to come by having a dual passport, you have the option to buy a second passport. We currently specialise in the following global residency and citizenship by investment programmes:

Republic of Malta: Acquisition of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

Commonwealth of Dominica: Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia: Citizenship by Investment Programme