Registering your company in the UK through Fairwinds Management Limited is easy. Our advice is to use such company as a holding company together with a Malta company used for trading. We offer a strong business address making your new company a reliable international business setup.

The UK is ranked as a top country worldwide for ease of doing business, with a great infrastructure, great supportive financial schemes, and a business-friendly environment.

In general, there is no restriction on nationality or location of either the directors or shareholders when forming a limited company in the UK. The registered office address must be in the UK and must also be able to receive mail. Setting up a UK company as a holding company is simple, fast and with manageable maintenance procedures. The UK also has access to a large network of double taxation treaties.

Our professional incorporation team at Fairwinds Management Limited will assist you in every step of a UK company incorporation, from the initial stages to the day-to-day running of the corporate company requirements as part of your business setup.

FWM - UK company