Fairwinds Management Limited is very familiar with Seychelles IBC company formations. As incorporation agents and through our experience and relations with the Seychelles authorities as well as local authorized intermediaries, we are able to incorporate Seychelles offshore holding companies in a very short timescale.

Seychelles IBC (International Business Company) is a very popular and a versatile type of offshore holding company which, as with most of the other main offshore holding jurisdictions, a Seychelles holding company is a tax-free company intended for engagement into all forms of international business including also holding company, with no reporting and minimum record-keeping requirements. Confidentiality is also one of the key features of a Seychelles company as all details of the beneficial owners, directors and shareholders are not part of public record.

Fairwinds Management Limited strongly suggests that Seychelles companies are solely used as holding companies for tax motives as there are various ways in which tax savings can be achieved through the use of foreign holding companies. These include:

  • Tax-free collection of dividends and gains
  • Reduction of tax in the investee country
  • Tax sparing credit
  • Director salaries
  • Relocation planning

A Seychelles company formation is a very popular type of company. The process to set it up is easy and straight forward and there are no requirements to visit the country.

The main advantages of a Seychelles offshore holding company are:

  • Can be one man company (same director and shareholder)
  • There are no residency requirements
  • It is an independent country
  • It is a completely tax-free offshore company
  • No disclosure of shareholders and directors on the public register
  • Business conducted anywhere around the world but the Seychelles
  • No bookkeeping and accounting costs
  • No filing of audited accounts
  • Not required to visit Seychelles to incorporate your company.
Seychelles Company Incorporation

Fairwinds Management Limited, being specialists in company incorporations is able to incorporate your new holding Seychelles company in a timely manner.