Upcoming Deadlines: Submission of applications for investment carried out in 2017 will close on 28th March 2018 for Self-Employed.


If you are running a business as a self-employed you might be able to apply for a tax credit through Micro Invest. The objective of the MicroInvest Scheme is to encourage undertakings to invest, innovate, and expand the business.

Our partners, Accounting Services Ltd can help you in the application process and provide you with advisory services in order to successfully obtain funding for your business investment and other tax benefits.

If you would like to know whether you’re eligible to apply for the MicroInvest Scheme, you can contact us on info@accountingservices.com.mt.

Apart from helping you with the application process, you will also receive advisory services in order to successfully obtain funds for your business investment and other tax benefits.

The MicroInvest Scheme is also applicable to micro companies and the deadline for such is 30th May 2018. For more information about this tax incentive scheme, we invite you to visit the webpage www.accountingservices.com.mt/services/microinvest-scheme/

Charlene Sciberras