Many people are familiar with the famous quote by Lou Holtz, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”. It’s particularly interesting because many people can relate to it especially in today’s world where the majority of people, mostly those who have work commitments, lead very busy lifestyles full of deadlines with little time to wind down.

In the 1980’s film ‘The Shining’, this scenario was already portrayed by the famous quote ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. No one wants to have unhappy employees, and employees surely wouldn’t be productive if they feel stressed out or running against time to complete the job.

In today’s article we will be listing some tips applicable to both employers and employees on how to reduce daily stress, which will hopefully lead to more productive work days.

Discuss your concerns

There’s nothing better than clearing out any concerns or discuss your work situation with your superiors. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your supervisor will help you communicate what is bothering you and will help you create an effective plan on how you can perform better on the job and work on important skills such as time management. 

Establish boundaries

Having easy access to internet connection even from your phone means that you’ll be available to receive any electronic mails or phone calls 24/7. If this is stressing you out as you feel that your mind is thinking continuously about work 24/7, establish your own boundaries. For example, don’t answer any calls at dinner time or don’t reply to unimportant emails late at night.

Team events

Employee recognition is important and one way for employers to make employees feel motivated and decrease their stress level is to give them something to look forward to such as by organising small events at the office on a regular basis. This will be the perfect opportunity for employees to spend some together and get to know each other better. 

Prioritize exercise

For those who have long breaks allocated to them, taking regular breaks might help them stay fresh throughout their work day, but others who have close access to gym facilities prefer dropping everything for at least half an hour and dedicate that time to physical activity and refresh their minds. Such commitment to physical exercise is a way of how employees can feel refreshed and stay motivated and focused throughout the remaining hours of the day.

If you are not coping with your workload, you can seek assistance from administration specialists who you can outsource any work to in order to help you decrease your workload and focus on the core business which you love working on.

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