Are you thinking of incorporating a company in Malta or registering a new offshore company?

www.theincorporationspecialist.com has been newly set up and launched specifically to offer cost-effective and efficient corporate advice and support at every stage of a Malta company registration or offshore incorporations.

This new brand, that forms part of Accounting Services Ltd, will guide you on the best holding-trading structures to maximise your profits and ensure you are eligible to Malta’s favourable low tax rates. As specialised formation agents, apart from offering confidential and reliable services on company formations in Belize, Panama and Gibraltar, amongst other reputable jurisdictions, we also offer additional corporate administration services to offer complete setup package under one roof.

The bases of these services are explained on this highly accessible website that is complemented by our exceptional professional guidance, offered in any way you prefer, at excellent prices.

We encourage you to explore our new website to learn more about the services that we offer.