The Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP) is an incredible opportunity for the right individuals who want to reside and invest in Malta. The programme is geared towards attracting third-country nationals of good standing, entitling them to residency rights in Malta in the shape of a Malta Residence Permit.


The MRVP has become a popular choice for individuals seeking residence in a safe and stable country for themselves and their families. Malta offers a comfortable living environment in a European Union country with very high standards of living, one that has the added bonus of having English as an official language.

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This programme also acts as a gateway to Europe, providing its beneficiaries with visa-free access to the European Schengen Area countries, an ideal scenario for businessmen who need to travel regularly.

Malta has a lot going for it. Here you will find:

  • Great weather all year round
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • A variety of social activities for all ages
  • An abundance of history and heritage
  • Beautiful sea with many lovely beaches
  • Excellent schooling and medical services
  • Daily flights and connections to major airports

In order to be eligible for the programme, applicants must meet a number of requirements, including that they:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Have comprehensive health insurance cover
  • Have a clean criminal record and pass due diligence checks
  • Invest €250,000 in Malta for a minimum period of 5 years

Applicants are also required to:

  1. Purchase a property for at least €270,000 in Gozo or the south of Malta or for no less than €320,000 if in the rest of Malta; or
  2. Rent a qualifying property for a rent of not less than €10,000 per year in Gozo or the south of Malta or at least €12,000 per year if in the rest of Malta
  3. In addition to one of the above, applicants must pay a one-off contribution of €30,000

An eligible individual must have either an annual income of at least €100,000 from outside Malta or possess a minimum of €500,000 in capital. Applications for the MVRP are subject to a non-refundable administrative fee of € 5,500.

For full details of the programme contact us directly on: csciberras@fairwindsmanagement.net.

Charlene Sciberras