When the economy is flourishing, many companies tend to identify numerous growth and financial opportunities, two of which being merging with another similar sized company or selling to or buying out other bigger firms who are looking to invest and grow even further.

A merger is done whereby two companies join forces and combine into under one brand name or one legal name, with a new management and corporate structure. On the other hand, acquisitions usually involve one company acquiring another, whereby one company usually ceases to exist and all of its assets fall under the acquirer.

Recently Fairwinds Management has assisted AXL Affiliates in supervising a six-figure transaction. The Malta-based company acquired all assets of another company to integrate these under the growing AXL Affiliates brand.

If you are going through an acquisition or a merger, we will examine the financial, legal and tax circumstances of the companies to give you a thorough insight of its past and projected profitability as well as its financial structure. More info about this specific service can be obtained from here or contact us on info@faiwindsmanagement.net.

Charlene Sciberras