How many times during the day at work we find ourselves thinking about something unrelated to work or scrolling social media pages unconsciously? In today’s world where technology with all the good and bad sides of it is at our disposal anytime we want it, it is becoming easier to distract ourselves.


So the question is, how can one stay focused at work? Below are some tips which we think are useful to keep in mind when you find yourself thinking about something else other than work… at work of course!

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Time Management

Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general are the main things that distract nearly every employee at different times during the day. If one falls into this trap of browsing online at work for personal use, time will surely not be managed properly as the work load will still remain the same prior to being distracted. So what can be done? It’s quite easy, just close all the sites that tempt you and remove mobile Internet connection until your first break. If this easy task is too difficult for you, try disciplining yourself and check your newsfeeds only when you have extra minutes free.

Take short breaks

Some people work better if they choose to skip short breaks in order to stay concentrated on the tasks that they plan to finish during the day. If on the other hand you get distracted easily, it would be better if you start taking short breaks to refresh your mind, do what you have to do and continue working afterwards.

Cross out things you hate

Prioritize your tasks by crossing out the things you hate to do from your to-do list. By starting off the day with the tasks that are difficult and that you hate, you will have a more productive day as the best time of concentration is in the morning. This will help you not to procrastinate on the tasks that it takes ages to finish as you don’t like doing them.

Keep your to-do list updated

By ticking off items from your to-do list, you will stay motivated as you will see how much you have completed during the day or week and see what’s left. This will help you stay focused and reach the daily/weekly goal that you’ve set.

Put on headphones

In offices especially where there is an open plan layout, you might get distracted easily with the background noises as all employees will be in the same room. To stay focused, just put on a pair of headphones and listen to suitable music that will help you stay concentrated and be productive.


Stock your desk drawers with some healthy snacks that can keep your brain at its prime as they will work as brain boosters which in turn will result in an improved work performance. In addition to snacks, water is also another important factor when it comes to concentration as every function of your body depends on it. The more water you drink per day, the more focused you’ll stay and the faster you think.