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Year 2022 marks the 9th company anniversary for Fairwinds Management Limited. As we hold some office celebrations today, we will not talk about us, but rather, we will let some of our employees comment about their life at Fairwinds Management. Read more here.

Dona Rapinett

Role: Credit Controller

Joined: 2016

What opportunities did Fairwinds Management give you throughout the years?

The company gave me many learning opportunities throughout the years which made me grow in my role and beyond. I started off as Credit Controller and today I also have a small portfolio of clients handling bookkeeping, payroll, and management accounts for corporate and self-employed clients. I am happy to say that I have always found the necessary support from colleagues and management. During my studies I was provided with the necessary study leave and help, and during maternity leave I was granted an extra 3 months’ time over and above the statutory maternity leave, to be able to spend more time with my first new-born. Furthermore, nowadays I really appreciate the flexibility of teleworking which Fairwinds Management provides, being that sometimes I need to telework due to occasional sickness days of my daughter. Overall, the company provides a serene and understanding environment which allows to have a work-life balance.

Sandra Borg, ACCA

Role: Accountant

Joined: 2016

How did your role evolve throughout the years?

The same year when I joined Fairwinds Management I decided to start ACCA. Working full time and studying on a part-time basis was not easy but handling both together gave me the necessary experience and push to improve on both levels – work and studies. Following some time, I was gifted with a baby daughter, where thanks to the company I took a six-months long maternity leave, then returned to work and to my studies. The work flexibility and support I got from my manager at that time was remarkable. In 2020 I finalised ACCA and became a qualified accountant, and later I also successfully completed a VAT Diploma. All this made me grow professionally and personally, and throughout the years Fairwinds Management has always encouraged me and my colleagues to pursue our studies and support us with training courses for continuous development. Nowadays I am taking on new challenges at work by working on taxation.

Sajid Ibqal, ACCA

Role: Accountant

Joined: 2017

What do you like most about working at Fairwinds Management?

The best feature of the company is the people I work with. Relocating on my own from Pakistan was not easy, however since day one the company, both management and my new colleagues, have always made me feel welcome. Nowadays I appreciate the opportunity Fairwinds Management gave me. As a qualified ACCA accountant, I enjoy my work and enjoy interacting with our clients as well. Having a diversified portfolio of various industries to handle makes work more interesting.

Danica Debono, ACCA, MIA, CPA

Role: Accounts Manager

Joined: 2021

How do you describe working at Fairwinds Management?

Working here gives me a complete sense of job satisfaction and a constant motivation to do better. The company gives me the opportunity to develop further my own skills, and this is seen and recognised, making it a great environment for learning, improving, and growing in one’s role. Personal growth is important to me and thanks to the company I can achieve my career goals. What I also like about Fairwinds Management is communication and working with a great team which makes a pleasurable office environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our past and present employees for their work and commitment, and our clients for their loyalty and support throughout the years. Happy 9th year anniversary to Fairwinds Management. 

Charlene Sciberras
Article by Charlene Sciberras