In today’s day and age where everyone is leading busy lifestyles and alienated with technology, business owners who want their business to succeed and achieve client satisfaction must seek into online marketing to be where their clients are and give them what they want.

Although it might be considered expensive for some, it is surely agreeable that going online is surely worth the time and a good investment as ultimately the business will be revolving around today’s customers’ needs and making the buyer’s journey easier than ever before.  

In this article we will demonstrate how business owners and self-employed people can engage successfully with customers through digital media.

Human element

A market analysis will help businesses identify what their target audience connects with. Once this is discovered, it will become easier to develop direct contact and emotional connections with customers. There are many ways how this can be achieved such as by using photos of your team members instead of stock images to advertise a service. This could be easily tested on social media by comparing the followers’ level of engagement, likes and comments on a post using stock images and, on a post, using your team members’ photos. The results will speak for themselves.

Build relationships

Sometimes building relationships is achieved successfully without putting too much effort and time into your work. Businesses who have a blog should include the name of the author, possibly a photo as well as a brief biography of the author. In this way, readers will get to know who is behind the content and start building a relationship with the author.

Another way to build relationships is by appointing a brand ambassador who will act as the face of the company. Putting a name to a face will help customers engage and maintain a relationship with a business, both online and offline. Similar to brand ambassadors are influencers, who although might be costly, might also be a good option for a company to consider and include in its marketing strategy, keeping in mind the exposure that these give to a company. 

Social networks

Nowadays social media has a good representation of all demographics, making it easier for any business to directly target the right people with the right content and who will be interested in buying the advertised products or using their services. Having the right social media strategy in place will offer solutions to problems that customers might be facing. A word of advice for anyone selling a product is to put oneself in the clients’ shoes to find out how the buyer’s journey looks.

Live chats

Businesses who own websites offering any type of services might consider launching a live chat to help customers straight away navigating in the website. Live interaction with customers will reduce the risk of having potential customers moving on to another website of a different company providing similar services.


Online marketing is not all about expenses. There are ways how to engage with customers without even having to pay a cent. Such instance is referrals. When your clients are happy with the quality and level of service that you provide them with, they automatically start spreading word about you. We see this happening everyday on social media, where people ask for recommendations, and loyal customers start recommending their preferred company and tag the business. The person looking for a recommendation is just one click away from engaging with new businesses. Thus, when keeping customers at the centre of the work, you will not only win their loyalty but also revenue from new contacts.

Measure and improve

When compared to the traditional media, digital media has made it easier to measure results faster, analyse them and optimize where necessary to reach your initial targets. This could be easily applied for paid searches (pay per click) to improve your statistics and spend money more effectively to give value to the right customers.

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