Christmas is literally round the corner and as we do every year, we try to share our Christmas spirit with you, this year under different circumstances and with limited festivities.

In fact, due to the restrictions imposed on our social lives to help in decreasing the spread of COVID-19, we did not organise the Annual Christmas Drinks as it is our trend to organise it every year. This activity usually serves us as an opportunity to mingle with clients away from the place of work and get to know each other aside of our respective professional lives.

One thing has not changed at our offices though – we still organised Secret Santa to get more into the Christmas spirit and share gifts with our dear colleagues. Other activities were organised during this year, on a smaller scale than before and observing all health protocols, and as this year is nearing its end, we are sharing them with you in the below collage.

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Since it was not possible for us to meet at a social Christmas activity with you our clients, on behalf of the group, we take this opportunity to thank you once again for entrusting us with the provision of services. Unfortunately, all businesses when through a rough time during the past months and we hope that everything will be recovered in the months to come.

We also wish you, your family, friends, and colleagues a very happy holiday season and a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year. We hope that 2021 will turn out to be a better year than this one on both personal and business levels.

Let us all stay safe and hope for a better new year!

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